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  Welcome! We are so excited to be part of such a fast-growing community of talented professionals on their way to becoming master negotiators! It’s amazing how far we went with our understanding of the Chris Voss’s negotiation skills, how much we’ve learned while practicing together and how great was the time we’ve shared! Every time we join a practice session we feel excitement, engagement and enthusiasm. We appreciate each other’s strongest skills, differences in view, special knowledge and experience. And most importantly we help each other and support each other as we grow. Our Story We were first brought together through a common interest in the effective negotiation techniques of Chris Voss and his Masterclass on negotiation. Though Chris’s skills were refined in the high-stakes world of hostage negotiation, we as classmates understand the applicability of these skills to almost every aspect of life, not limited to work, family, friends, and even daily interactions with a loc

Opportunity to Participate - The Compassion Course

  If you are looking to build your skills in taking a deeper dive into empathy to understand what people feel and need, the Compassion Course may help! It is open for registration once a year and when you join there are weekly messages, live monthly conferences, practice groups, and access to a discussion forum. The course is based on Marshall Rosenberg’s work in Non-Violent Communication (NVC). To register,    

Expert Negotiators Are Among Us

Attention Gamers! We have a new session just for you. Using “Among Us," an online multiplayer game, we sharpen our negotiation skills to identify Impostors. It requires all your skills as an intermediate to advanced negotiator to get ahead in the game. Once the game ends, we spend time evaluating and discussing what worked, what didn't, and why. Through training and live practice, you’ll discover where your negotiation weaknesses are, or where you need to focus on training.. or maybe learn something you didn't know! David Tindell hosts this session to help everyone find their own voice, style, and methods of negotiation.   David is an entrepreneur and has built his company Tindell Tech around expertise in business consulting; website design, digital marketing; and managed business I.T. support, including security, backups and data recovery, and remote management. To learn more, go to  

New Session with an Entrepreneurial Spirit!

  Welcome Raj Gavurla to our community! Raj is now leading a session on how to create and experience what is commonly called "The Zone" (individual flow) and "The Zone Effect" (Team/Teammates flow). When you’re in The Zone, you are at your best and feel blissful, peaceful, natural, effortless, selfless, weightless, easy, quiet, graceful, relaxed, and calm. In the session, we'll also practice the ordered sequence of body language, tone, better word choice, key trigger words, and adaptability links. Raj is the author of Winning At Entrepreneurship: Common Sense Strategies for Business Owners, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools manual, and Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools For You To Consistently Perform workbooks to sustainably nurture, develop, build, and grow interconnected with your life, business, and sports. Learn about the book, Raj, more resources, and shop here:

New Session With Practice Opportunities

We are excited to announce a new session with host Kate Cohen-Posey. Kate is an expert in how to respond best to bullying, which is defined as attempting to establish dominance and control with hostile words and repetition. No one likes a bully! In fact, this type of behavior was influential in determining Chris Voss’s career path . We welcome Kate and look forward to learning from her wisdom and experiences. Kate is the author of “Bully Proof” and many other books . 

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Our community is active on LinkedIn . Feel free to join us and post articles about your negotiation practice experiences. ARTICLES Negotiation During a Layoff How Do I Offer My Solution?  Why Negotiators Ask Why? Through practicing in the community, we often come up with new and original approaches to negotiation. Learn more about the most basic of questions: "Why?"

A Black Swan Group Negotiation Challenge!

Several members of our community will be joining this free challenge - the biggest negotiation of your life! See this link for details. The challenge starts Monday, January 18 and will deliver the most important information you need to know right now to help you prepare for any negotiation: Learn Why Now Is the Absolute Best Time to  Always Be Ready For The Biggest Negotiation of Your Life and never be caught off-guard at the table again! Take the 5-Day BIGGEST NEGOTIATION OF YOUR LIFE Challenge to get LIVE negotiation training from Chris Voss and The Black Swan Expert Team. 

Negotiation Competitions

  Recently, several members of our community participated in Negotiate Up’s Competition! Practicing really paid off.  Afterwards, our community members debriefed the negotiations to discuss their experiences and go over lessons learned. On our youtube channel , view Vlad's discussion with Sahabat Naureen , who is not only a finalist of the NegotiateUp competition, but also an experienced leadership and executive coach, and project manager. They discuss the balance between assertiveness and empathy and other aspects of negotiation. For more on Negotiate Up, see their website: There is plenty of time to prepare for the next competitions coming up in April and May!