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We are so excited to be part of such a fast-growing community of talented professionals on their way to becoming master negotiators! It’s amazing how far we went with our understanding of the Chris Voss’s negotiation skills, how much we’ve learned while practicing together and how great was the time we’ve shared! Every time we join a practice session we feel excitement, engagement and enthusiasm. We appreciate each other’s strongest skills, differences in view, special knowledge and experience. And most importantly we help each other and support each other as we grow.

Our Story

We were first brought together through a common interest in the effective negotiation techniques of Chris Voss and his Masterclass on negotiation. Though Chris’s skills were refined in the high-stakes world of hostage negotiation, we as classmates understand the applicability of these skills to almost every aspect of life, not limited to work, family, friends, and even daily interactions with a local barista or store clerk. One thing was clear – we could not gain these skills by simply watching videos. Practice is essential. A few months ago, we started this group in order to facilitate practice sessions. On Slack, our interactions and community has exploded! To help assist us in this growth, we’ve outlined a structure for the group going forward so we may continue to expand in a thoughtful way that benefits everyone.

Our Vision

To answer questions about this community, it's purpose, direction and government, we’ve drafted a local "constitution" which we call a "Community Vision.” Our Vision was created collaboratively with input from a number of people from the community! This is a living document and may change as our group continues to evolve and grow.

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  1. It is very interesting to know the techniques that they have used in this company to negotiate, it is a topic that I have talked a lot with my colleague Alejandro Betancour during our video conferences and without a doubt he brings us a lot of your article. Greetings

    1. Thank you for your comment Amanda! Hope you join our community and encourage others to do so, as well.


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