Our Exclusive Free Webinar with Dr. Harvey Robbins

Great news, we have an upcoming conversation with Dr. Harvey Robbins on July 15th! Dr. Harvey Robbins has been a licensed psychologist and award-winning author and consultant for over 40 years.

It's pretty exciting to have Dr. Harvey Robbins as a special guest in our community to speak about his work, his books and his workshops that he teaches to all level of executives and management!

How does it relate to negotiation? Knowing the personality type of the person you are negotiating with may help you tremendously in understanding what drives the other person and it is directly related to tactical empathy.

Since 1982, he has been the president of Robbins & Robbins, a company shaped on psychology principles to coach leaders and train business teams.

Before becoming a consultant, Dr. Robbins served as a personnel research psychologist for the Federal Government and was in executive leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies, including Honeywell and Burlington Northern. He is also a Fellow at the Executive Development Center at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and a sought-after speaker at conferences and events locally and abroad.

His clients include American Express, Mayo Clinic, Nabisco, Toro, the IRS, the CIA, the US Secret Service, and many others.

Dr. Harvey Robbins specializes in improving leadership, team building, and interpersonal relationships. His book "Why Teams Don't Work" won the Global Business Book Award. At the CIA, Dr. Harvey developed selective tools to hire staff and build the most effective teams. The hiring process involved special scenarios that evaluated applicant’s skills and their decision making processes under stress, such as, talking to an angry customer or addressing an issue with insubordinate team members, and turning around toxic relationships into healthy ones.

Some of the reasons that teams often fail are discussed in his workshop:


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