New Session with an Entrepreneurial Spirit!

 Welcome Raj Gavurla to our community! Raj is now leading a session on how to create and experience what is commonly called "The Zone" (individual flow) and "The Zone Effect" (Team/Teammates flow). When you’re in The Zone, you are at your best and feel blissful, peaceful, natural, effortless, selfless, weightless, easy, quiet, graceful, relaxed, and calm. In the session, we'll also practice the ordered sequence of body language, tone, better word choice, key trigger words, and adaptability links.

Raj is the author of Winning At Entrepreneurship: Common Sense Strategies for Business Owners, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking Tools manual, and Your Raise The Bar Primer: Mental Performance Tools For You To Consistently Perform workbooks to sustainably nurture, develop, build, and grow interconnected with your life, business, and sports. Learn about the book, Raj, more resources, and shop here:



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